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SnowComponent Java Image Master  v.2.0

SnowComponent Java Image Master provides high performance Java imaging and Conversion library.

Java Image Album  v.1.0

Java Image Album (jIA) is a easy to use wizard-style Java application that generates HTML photo albums.


Java Image Viewer / Explorer  v.rc

JIExplorer is a java image viewer / explorer desk top application modeled after ACDSee image viewer.

Jmathstudio - Java Image/Signal toolkit  v.1.0.0

JMathStudio is a pure Java based object oriented digital image and signal processing library.

Ekspos Image Viewer  v.1.0

A platform independent Java image viewer program. Ekspos Image Viewer support most popular image format: JPEG, PNG, and GIF, where additional image format can be added through Java ImageIO plugin. Ekspos Image Viewer is a utility that allows you view

Img Image Viewer  v.1.0 Alpha 1

View images with the help of this tool. Img Image Viewer is a raster/svg image viewer. It has support for all image formats Java Image I/O supports along with SVG's using Apache Batik's libraries.

JIBS - Image Viewer for Sorting  v.1.0

JIBS: Java Image Browser Sorter.

IRatio  v.1.0 RC Build 20100622.1210

Crop your images with the help of this software. IRatio (Image Ratio) is a small utility designed to show, copy/move images by their width/height ratio. From Author: By having hundreds of photos (thanks to the modern, filmless digital cameras:), and

JIExplorer  v.1 15

JIExplorer - A Java image Explorer / Viewer, specifically intended for managing large image collections.

OpenImage  v.0.9 Alpha

OpenImage is a small image viewer. A Java image viewer, an open source java learning application. Currently in alpha stage. Only jar file available due to the mess in source codes.Requirements: *

JPict for OSX  v.0.1

jPict is a simple java image viewer with browser.

JImage Sort n' View  v.0.2

A java image management system, which allows the user to view his library of images and then move a single, or multiple images to pre-defined directories in a single click.

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